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The Best of Class Technology Awards and Digital Future of Dentistry Tech Expo

The Best of Class represent true innovations. They are designated Best of Class after careful deliberation of an expert panel of dentists who truly have been inspired by what they saw. Remember the last time you looked at a product and were truly blown away? The phrase "game changer" gets thrown around lightly these days, but the products, services, and devices chosen as Best of Class represent exactly that. These winners have raised the bar for their competitors and opened new doors for practicing dentists.

The Best of Class Technology Awards are like the Academy Awards for the dental industry and Dr. Lou Shuman is behind its innovative approach to uncompromising quality of selection.

What are the Best of Class Awards?

For 11 years, the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards have recognized innovative products that set a quality standard in their respective categories. The process is unbiased and non-profit, and the designation is awarded after a rigorous and uncompromising selection process. The panel, comprised of a respected group of technology leaders in dentistry, seeks out game-changing products that they believe will have significant impact. When the panelists deliberate, there is no "checkbox template" for voting. Some products are so new and different that they literally create their own category, while some tried-and-true traditional products affirm their quality and class leadership year after year.

Individually, panel members spend countless hours each year researching practice-changing technologies. Then, at every Chicago Midwinter Meeting, the board convenes and pours over all the research, debating the characteristics that define what it means for a product to earn the name Best of Class.

If a category does not provide a Best of Class designee, it is skipped. To keep the voting fair and impartial, panel members must divulge any consulting relationships in which they are involved, and they are not allowed to vote in that specific category. Over the years, the panel has developed a rapport that makes space for important conversations about the value of different innovations, and how evolving categories become more or less important to the general dentist. The spirited debate that follows results in a variety of products; from obscure to well-known, from basic to aspirational and being honored.

To be designated Best of Class is a sign that a product has revolutionized, simplified, or advanced its category in a distinctive way. The manufacturers represented here are driving the conversation for how dental practices will operate today and in the future. The foundation for our success in bringing attention to these products have always been consistent: We recognize technology leadership in dentistry without bias and while remaining not-for-profit.

Best of Class Winners

•  2017
•  2016
•  2015

The Digital Future of Dentistry Technology Expo

The Digital Future of Dentistry Technology Expo has ultimately become the largest exhibit space at the ADA Annual Meeting. There are exhibit booths of each winner, so there’s an opportunity for the participants to visit all of the winners in one location. There’s also the hottest ticket in town, our invitation-only VIP reception, which is the actual awards ceremony. The focus of the tech expo is to preview and learn about all the winning technologies. We have a 270-seat classroom, which has grown over time and hosts multiple courses over three days. You get a free CE credit per course. The technology committee lectures, which puts the top technology leaders in dentistry in one location, which is a tremendous benefit for the participants. We sell out all 13 or 14 courses every year, which makes us the largest CE provider at the ADA meeting. We were also honored a couple of years ago when the Tech Expo was influential in helping the ADA win an award for best education on a trade show exhibit hall. Read the full interview with Dr. Lou Shuman here.
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