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~Thais Carter
Senior Manager for PR and Media Relations, Kavo Kerr Group

"Over the last 10 years in the dental industry, I have met a wide range of people. Some disappoint, some are dependable and a precious few are impressive. I can say, without hesitation, that Dr. Lou Shuman is easily one of the most remarkable people I've worked with in my capacities as Editor in Chief and Group Content Director for Advanstar Dental Media, and in my new role in media relations with the KaVo Kerr Group.

From a marketing perspective, Dr. Shuman is one of the few people in this industry willing to see advertising for all it can accomplish, above and beyond brand recognition. From an educational perspective, Dr. Shuman is able to cut through the narcissism that drives many key opinion leaders in order to identify and encourage speakers who actually work to make our community better instead of just lining their own pockets. Finding new mediums; live and digital; to help give those people a voice, is something he excels at. From a product development perspective, Dr. Shuman is the person who will ask incisive questions in order to drive innovation that matters in the day-to-day life of the dental professional. And, from a technology perspective, you will find no greater advocate than Dr. Shuman. His vision to create the Pride Institute Best of Class Awards led to one of the most sought-after prizes in the industry without once compromising the integrity of the process. His ability to corral the panel - representing some of the best minds in dental technology, and winning companies - is tantamount to moving mountains. I count my work with Dr. Shuman among some of the best during my time in this industry. He is creative and driven and an asset to any organization he partners with."

~Matthew Petchel
Principal Owner and Creative Lead for Brand Target

"I've been in the dental industry for more than 15 years, and I can't think of another person I've met like Lou. Lou is the total package of everything you look for in a consultant - I actually refer to him as "The Commissioner" since he knows just about everyone and knows how the industry works. He understands the clinical side, since he practiced for 18 years, and he knows the business side having worked with many manufacturers, and his media connections are second to none. And on top of all of that (like it wasn't enough), he's a nice person and one of the truly good people in our industry. Quite frankly, Lou does what other people can't do or don't know how to do and he does it with a smile on his face and a passion for excellence.

Lou and I have worked together numerous times - from the global launch of a billion dollar corporation (KaVo Kerr Group) to projects for smaller start up companies like Propel Orthodontics. Lou has been a great mentor, partner and friend and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to work with the best and achieve greatness on the highest level."

~Harvard I-Lab VIP Team Founder
(Currently under NDA)

"Lou is a start-up accelerator. When Lou believes in a transformative technology that will improve dental care for patients or providers, remember to buckle up, because Lou will help navigate your business quickly and effectively through ideation to execution. Lou's vast network is a culmination of genuine relationships and shared success that has made him one of the most trusted resources in the industry. Harvard's Innovation Lab has many talented mentors but Lou might be the best; it has been our great fortune that Lou chose dentistry!"

~Howard Bowne
Former Vice-President and General Manager, DENTSPLY GAC

"In early 2009, facing a lackluster Orthodontic market I had the incredible good fortune to be introduced to Dr. Lou Shuman. What I did not realize at that time was that I had just met an incredibly talented and extraordinarily knowledgeable professional, someone who would help my organization to literally redefine ourselves in the marketplace.

One need only spend a few minutes with Lou to realize he is incredibly bright, motivated, knowledgeable and extremely passionate in his pursuit of excellence. Quickly thereafter you realize these aren't even his greatest strengths. Integrity, character, modesty, teamwork and loyalty; these are the traits that define Dr. Lou Shuman.

Allow me to offer you an example. In March of 2011 there was a major earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Fukushima Japan resulting in a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daichi power plant. My single largest supplier was located 3.2 miles from the disaster and was unable to manufacture product for the foreseeable future. Many questioned our ability to rebound from such an event. Despite this uncertainty Lou not only stood fast in his commitment as a business partner and advisor, he actually encouraged others to stay the course as well. Ultimately we weathered the supply issues thanks to loyal business partners like Lou Shuman.

Following 2011 Dr. Shuman used his unique combination of business acumen along with his classical Orthodontic/Dental training to help my team develop a differentiated value proposition giving customers a reason to prefer our products and services over those of the competition.

Whether you are looking to build the core competencies of your organization or you are ready to take your game to the next level, I would highly encourage you to include Lou Shuman in your plans."

~Amy Morgan
CEO, Pride Institute

Our nickname for Dr. Lou Shuman here at Pride Institute is, "THE BULLET TRAIN". Why? Because he moves quickly and definitively in all of his goals (and you better get on that train). Lou brings new energy, excitement and a long history of expertise to any project or company that he supports. I most appreciate his ability to draw from all of his long cultivated, relationships in the dental community and leverage them to create synergistic opportunities for everyone. As a teacher, mentor and speaker he delivers his messages in a way that inspires change and growth for all. His knowledge of technology and web based communication strategies is extensive and important. Dr. Lou Shuman is a true original.

~Saran Hurd, Alyssa Nugent and Blaze Interligi
The Clinical Education Team at Propel Orthodontics

"Let us first start with the level of commitment and sincere dedication Lou provides to his client organizations. He is the type of individual that cannot move away from a project, until the projected outcome is achieved or most often surpassed. His wealth of knowledge and experience paired with his meticulous attention to detail allows him to provide invaluable contributions on both a macro and micro level within a company. His extensive network of longstanding professional partnerships is an asset unto itself, unleashing extreme potential previously not thought to be possible. More importantly, he opens the door to his network of partnerships to benefit from one another. Lou is the first to offer a solution and the first to dip into his network to freely offer resources.

Lou is also quite adept at balancing his business prowess with sincere relationship and team building efforts. Working on a clinical education team under Lou's advisement was not only a blast, it allowed our team to set up an efficient infrastructure. Lou strives on teachable moments and fosters a successful work environment with his keen ability to draw out his team members' talents and provide the proper direction and wholehearted support.

His compassion is unparalleled and we are honored to call ourselves his Night's Watch and him our friend and Lord Commander!"

~Dan & Trina Webster
Co-Founders of ZQuiet

"Lou selects his clientele with a careful eye and cultivates their initiatives with tremendous zeal. When we began working with Lou, our ideas grew larger in scope and ambition because we knew he would help us enter the market faster and in a more comprehensive way. Through his personal relationships with industry thought leaders, his access to publications across the realm of dentistry and his extensive personal experience both in dental practice and product innovation, we were suddenly catapulted into a fast moving, fun and exciting roll-out plan. Integrity is paramount to Lou, which means that aligning with him means aligning yourself with people you can trust.

Spending time with Lou on or off the clock is a blast... he's like one of the family now because he puts so much personal energy into every relationship. His experience and notoriety in the industry match great ideas with rapid execution...and it has been fun and rewarding every step of the way!"

~Gideon Davis
Group Accounts Director at Impact Communication Partners

"Dr Lou Shuman is truly a leader and innovator in the dental field. Having earned a stellar reputation through his years of commitment and dedication in bringing innovative education and new products to market, Dr Shuman has rightly earned his place as one of the true key opinion leaders in this field. To top it off, Dr Shuman is a fantastic individual who demonstrates true caring and concern for everyone he works with and I feel lucky to have had the privilege to work on the same team with him."

~Dr. David Alpan
Orthodontist, Key Opinion Leader

Dr. Lou Shuman & I were introduced in 2002 at Discus Dental Inc. based on their initial relationship with Align Technology. I was instantly impressed with how Dr. Shuman conducted himself around leading his team. His pulse on what is new and innovative is just outstanding. Many of his initiatives meant starting with ideas that lead to tasks, which became reality. Dr. Shuman has vision, persistence, and desire to not just accomplish the goal, but to knock it out of the park. As each small goal at Align lead to larger accomplishments, Dr. Shuman was able to harness the success of his strategic plan to incorporate Invisalign® into numerous dental schools and dental organizations that ultimately led Invisalign to be considered mainstream and a technique instead of a product. The respect and reputation from his peer groups is evident based on the constant demand for him to lecture and write for literally every publication.

The list of his extensive accomplishments can be read on his resume, but his ability to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone around him to be the best they can be is something to be admired. A born leader, teacher, author, and motivator are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Shuman. His expertise in technology, dentistry, and orthodontics is why he is a consultant in such demand. Dr. Shuman has the charisma and skill sets to take any company to the next level with his extensive management, marketing and operation skills. He also is a very down to earth person with two successful children and a long list of friends and colleagues. Ultimately Dr. Shuman has been a mentor, advisor, and a great friend.

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